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Project Investments

Alphatek Project Investing
What is offered to investors:
  • Investors are invited to participate in projects as a Limited Partner with priority terms for making a profit (the GP partner is in charge of operational management)
Project selection criteria:
  • Growth of macroeconomics in the project region or project market
  • Creating an operating business (not investment) with a high growth potential
  • Having a competitive advantage in the market or a unique idea
  • Presence of a project team with a corresponding track record
  • Co-investor in the project
  • Opportunity for investors to exit in 3-5 years or scaling up the business model
Project stage:
  • MVP
  • Operating business
  • Russia
  • Europe
  • Asia
Investment amount:
  • $0.5M-10M
Target yield:
  • More than 25% per annum on invested capital
Our services:
  • Project Operations Management as a GP Partner
  • Project financing and co-investment
  • Representing LP Investors
  • Targeting projects with maximum dividend yield / value growth potential
  • No need for operational management by the investor
  • Investor business diversification across sectors and geographically
  • Investment structuring with tax optimization
  • Co-investment of equity
  • Availability of project teams
  • Attractive structure of the MC commission, depending on the profit of the investor


Alphatek Advisors is an alternative investment platform

The proposed investment strategies, such as Smart Beta, Pure Alpha, P2P loan portfolio are based on years of research and development of our team, have a long track record and outstanding risk-return characteristics, and presented for the first time in the Russian market for retail clients. Our priority is to find and select the most promising and profitable strategies for creating an investment portfolio.