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About the company

About the company

Alphatek Advisors is an alternative investment platform

Our team is represented by professionals and entrepreneurs with 12 years of experience in the field of business creation and development, asset management and building complex IT systems.

We offer wealthy investors (HNWI) a wide range of investment strategies and opportunities in both the global financial market and the direct investment market with a range of targeted returns from 5% to 25% per annum (depending on asset class, currency and risk level).

The proposed investment strategies, such as Smart Beta, Pure Alpha, P2P loan portfolio are based on years of research and development of our team, have a long track record and outstanding risk-return characteristics, and presented for the first time in the Russian market for retail clients.

In the area of ​​direct investment in existing business or new projects, investors are invited to participate in the GP / LP capital structure (General / Limited Partner) as LP partners with the ability to receive priority on the distribution of profits from the project.

We participate as a General Partner and provide operational management of the project, as well as invest our own capital in the amount of 5-20% of assets, which guarantees compliance with the interests of the management team and investors.

The company also provides services in the field of investment consulting, structuring investments, optimizing taxation, obtaining investment citizenship and a residence permit.

For the owners of the existing business or entrepreneurs with greenfield projects, we provide services for operational management, attracting GP-LP capital, selling a business or assets.


Highly efficient diversified investment portfolios with a Sharpe ratio of 1.5x + (15% yield with 10% volatility)

Unique market neutral Pure Alpha systems uncorrelated with stock market indices

Real estate strategies, hedge funds and private equity funds not presented in Russian market

GP / LP structure of project investments with the cash-flow priority to an investor. Attractive management fee structure based on investor profit

Equity co-investment in projects in amount of 5-20% of assets to ensure interests compliance of management team and investors

High transparency and quality of the investment process. Partnership with market leading service providers. Individual customer service and reporting.

Our team

Yury Polyakov


Ten years of experience in analysis and real estate investments structuring ($2bn+) in Dixy Group, O1 Properties and Axe Capital. A 5-year track record in alternative risk factor based investments. Designer of smart beta and pure alpha systems, a line of investment fund strategies and P2P loan portfolios. Founder of the Advantex Alpha and Alphatek Advisors groups. Author of scientific articles on in the field of risk factor investment. Graduated from the Moscow State Technical University "Stankin" and the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Igor Fronin

Project Manager P2P Strategy

10 years of experience in development of modern enterprise management systems, SAP programming, API interfaces, building arbitrage and market neutral trading algorithms in stock market, creating neural network algorithms based on big data. Graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Konstantin Tretyakov


6 years of experience in the field of analysis and financial modelling of real estate investments, structuring international projects in the field of mining, macroeconomics expert of Africa and international trade. Graduated from the Russian University of Economics and the School of Economics and Management in Lisbon.

Dmitry Lukovkin

Portfolio Management and Development

Studied at Moscow State University, has more than 15 years of experience in project management, Web development and IT operations. Trading since 2003. Has experience as a CEO and CTO in numerous start-ups: Davai Sravnim, Berry.Travel, Za Rabotoy. He has been concentrating on Machine Learning and its applications since 2013. Contributor to - Deep Learning library for Theano and TensorFlow.

Kays Jayusi

Project Manager Real Estate

Entrepreneur in real estate investment in Greece with а 10 years of experience in deal structuring. Owner of a wholesale import business of exotic fruits from Asia. Graduated from the National Polytechnic University of Athens.

Kirill Bezverkhiy

Marketing and Fundraising

Kirill has more than 10 years of experience in the financial market. He supervised and was responsible for marketing in more than 5 funds. In 2016, together with partners, he headed the Russian representative office of Nordhill Capital. In 2018, he became a co-founder of the CM Fund, and also took the position of marketing director in a large crypto-fund.

Shaun Cumby

Investment Advisor

23 years experience in Canadian hedge funds and banks (TD Financial Group, Dundee Bank of Canada, CQI Capital Management) as a risk officer and managing partner. Graduated from the University of Toronto.