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Project financing


For initiators and GP partners of funds, projects or start-ups, we offer equity fundraising services and attracting debt financing. As a rule, a GP/LP investment structure is used. After getting acquainted with the project and conducting primary due diligence, we prepare marketing materials, presentations, business plans, financial models to attract LP investors from our base, as well as from external capital market.

We solve problems with the search for investments related to insufficient study of project materials, lack of business contacts, poor knowledge of foreign languages ​​or lack of fundraising experience, insufficient track record of the project from the investor's point of view.

The range of services includes the analysis of proposals, negotiations with investors, the process of structuring and closing transaction.

Any questions about the service? Just ask them to our managers and they will be happy to answer them.

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Alphatek Advisors is an alternative investment platform

In the area of ​​direct investment in existing business or new projects, investors are invited to participate in the GP / LP capital structure (General / Limited Partner) as LP partners with the ability to receive priority on the distribution of profits from the project. We participate as a General Partner and provide operational management of the project, as well as invest our own capital in the amount of 5-20% of assets, which guarantees compliance with the interests of the management team and investors.
The company also provides services in the field of investment consulting, structuring investments, optimizing taxation, obtaining investment citizenship and a residence permit.
For the owners of the existing business or entrepreneurs with greenfield projects, we provide services for operational management, attracting GP-LP capital, selling a business or assets.